What We Do

Production Solutions

At West Titan, we commit to providing innovative commercial solutions to the challenges of locked-in or underperforming reserves through turnkey integrated risk aligned structures that will fund, resource and develop assets in order to unlock trapped production capacity and subsequently deliver incremental economic value to asset owners.

Development and Production

As an indigenous oil and gas company in early stages of operation, West Titan seeks to acquire, develop and operate a portfolio of producing upstream assets through corporate mergers, acquisitions or farm-in opportunities as well as undeveloped marginal field assets that are highly ranked from a technical feasibility and commercial viability standpoint.

Gas Monetization

West Titan desires to employ most advanced economically viable technology for the capture, gathering, conversion and monetization of natural gas in order to eliminate gas flaring and convert stranded gas reserves to value for shareholders. We are positioned to be the partner of choice to key oil and gas operators in Nigeria with an appetite for unlocking additional shareholder value.

Advisory and Management Services

West Titan is positioned to provide technical and management advisory services to oil and gas companies and investors to assist in making informed decisions in addition to ensuring that the best possible value is derived from their assets and investments respectively. Our service offerings cover technical and commercial asset evaluation, production optimization solutions advisory, management advisory and business risk management.